It's A Michigan Thing


Dear Detroit,

Today, I decided to wake up early to explore the downtown area of Dearborn before going to Mass. While my adventure lacked the class and excitement of Friday’s eventful trip to the grocery store, I loved the nature trail next to the Henry Ford Estate, going to Mass and then visiting the fruit market.

I was feeling a tad down about missing out on busy sidewalks and yellow taxi cabs this summer, but I was reminded that even though I’m not in my beloved concrete jungle, Dearborn was just as much designed to be lived in as a city like NYC (Isa 45:18). So as long as I’m here, I intend to live it up to the fullest and explore as much of this area possible. I think there’s much for me to uncover yet, and this Sunday is a perfect example of what more there is to offer. 

Until next time stay classy Motor City.

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